Not all wisdom and experience comes from real life. Find below a selection of books, articles and twitter threads that I have found to be valuable. Despite knowing them for years I still revisit them regularly or refer people to them.
  • Maker schedule versus manager schedule - Mandatory reading, if not to increase your own awareness of productivity (or lack thereof), then to spot the issue in organisations you manage.
  • Moby Dick-theory of big companies - Don't count on that one corporate to be your launching customer: Corporates behave very differently from startups in their decision making. You as a start-up founder need to understand this. Feel free to skip the literary excerpts
  • Bert Hubert's Library - Another great list of articles for (tech) startup founders. Minor overlap with this list.
  • Ways to make money - As tech startup founders you might have a limited view on possible ways to make money. This is an excellent list of advantages you might have and how to monetize outside of SaaS, Sales, Licensing or other typical startup ways.
  • How to delegate as a founder: - I often get asked this by (young) first time founders. Crucial reading for when you hire your first employees.
  • Zero to one (Peter Thiel) - Inspires different thinking
  • Good To Great (Jim Collins) - Actionable analysis on what differentiates a great company from merely a good one. Not everything applies to startups, but useful anyway.